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Granite & Marble 10 mm Tiles Packing – We pack granite & marble tiles in thermocol boxes / corrugated boxes and wooden crates. The wooden crates are fumigated before dispatch.


Granite, Marble, Quartzite & Sandstone Cut to Size Tiles Packing – We pack stone tiles directly into the wooden crates but before started packing each wooden crate is first in-lined with foam sheet or thermocol sheet to protect stones against damage. Between the polished surfaces we always put thin polythene sheet to protect the surface from undue scratches. To increase the strength of the crate / pallet we always apply iron / plastic strapping all around each crate.


Granite, Marble & Quartzite Gangsaw Slabs Packing – We pack granite, marble & quartzite Gangsaw Slabs in wooden pallets. The wooden pallets are fumigated before dispatch. Between the polished surfaces of the slabs we always put thin polythene sheet to protect the surface from undue scratches.


Packing for cut to size, fireplace etc. with fumigated wooden crate directly. If it is a project for a building or house, we usually lay out the products according to the plan, then pack same area or same floor in a crate, or pack according to your special requirement which convenient for installing.


After the packed crates and pallets are ready for despatch….we put the crates / pallets in to the 20 feet heavy duty container (open top container or close top container). The container loading of tiles we do by through fork lift and slabs crates are being loaded in to the container C-clamp.

Every crate & pallet must have the crate number, number of slabs / tiles, size, product name and endorsed “Made in India”. We always put the quantity in each container as per the weight limit mentioned in the Proforma Invoice / Export Sales Contract.

Before the container moves out from our Stone Factory, we always email the digital images of each packed container to our clients. This makes it easy for our clients to view the material as well as packed crates that everything has been done as per the order and with full transparency.

Our esteemed customers have the option of customized packing, it means at the time of order placement, customers can ask us for any specialized or customized packing requirements which will be duly fulfilled. We also welcome packing suggestions from all customers.

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